Welcome to The Endlands

With the success of The Endlands Volume 1, Vincent Hobbes has gathered yet another group of talented writers for this second volume. Some authors have returned. Others are new. This second volume promises to be just as amazing as the first, and after much anticipation, The Endlands (vol 2) is officially released .

Paperback only: $11.99

eBook only: $2.99


The Endlands—a place of darkness, of despair.

The Endlands—a place where terrifying legends are true.

Watch where you step, as there are things hiding in the recesses of your imagination that will keep you up at night. In this second volume, you will explore your deepest fears. You will find twisted realities, demonic diaries, and creatures from the beyond. So turn on a light, just enough to scare away the shadows, and enter the world of The Endlands.

The Endlands, Volume 2

Authors: Patrick C. Greene, David Stubblefield, Vincent Hobbes, Craig Wessel, Tamara Wilhite, Nathan Palmer, Jordan Benoit, Jairus Reddy, Jennifer Chapman, Christina Estabrook, Allison M. Dickson, Terence Thomas, Michael Federico, Maynard Blackoak and Deklan Green.

Produced by: Vincent Hobbes

Introduction by: Patrick C. Greene
16 stories.
14 authors.

Welcome to a place where time stands still . . . no one leaves and no one will

Welcome to The Endlands


ISBN: 978-0-9859110-0-3

Paperback only: $11.99

eBook only: $2.99

When all seems quiet and silent
This is only the beginning
Here it’s not so violent
But plenty come for sinning
Turn back now wait it’s too late
Reality is now no longer as you’ve known
Once you’re here you’ve sealed your fate
And soon the reveal will be shown..
You wanted creepy it begins here
This is not a place of pretend
What lies ahead is your very fear
And truly never reaching the end

~Justin Bienvenue


“Imagine a place just a little removed from reality, a place where nothing is as it seems, and where anything could be just around the corner. Imagine no more: The Endlands is here… These are not specifically science fiction, or fantasy, or horror stories, but the sort of stories that could easily be made into episodes of “The Twilight Zone”  TV show. In fact, the book is dedicated to Rod Serling. These stories will give the reader a kick in the psyche, and they are very good.” –Dead Trees Review

“There is little more primordially frightening to us than the unknown. “The Endlands” is a collection of short stories aimed to frighten and ponder what we all fear the most, what’s behind that corner, what is there to antagonize us and what we simply cannot explain. With plenty to ponder and plenty to make it quite hard to put down, “The Endlands” is an excellent read and very highly recommended.” –Midwest Book Review

Slider_The_Endlands (1)


The Endlands, Volume 1

Authors: Patrick C. Greene, Cristin Martin, David Stubblefield, Vincent Hobbes, Janelle Garcia, Craig Wessel, Tamara Wilhite, Nathan Palmer, Jordan Benoit, Jairus Reddy, Jennifer Chapman, Christina Estabrook

Do you believe in a place outside human knowledge-a place where myth and legend collide-where the unthinkable is the mundane?

There is a thin veil between reality and make believe. When you take a moment, and push the veil aside, perhaps you will see this place, a place not of the imagination. Everything you see here is real.

Nothing is what it seems-noises are not what you think. Nothing is off limits-no place is safe.

You might find yourself lost in the past, or trapped in the future-amidst vampires and werewolves-or in a most peculiar lost and found department.

This is where unimaginable creatures roam wild-where humanity is absent, and dreams turn into nightmares. If you are looking for refuge, this is not the place to stop.

Welcome to the Endlands.

Produced by: Vincent Hobbes

Introduction by: Nathan Palmer

12 authors. 17 short stories.

Buy now for $11.99

Buy now for $2.99

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